Flat Glass Films

Flat-glass films are self-adhesive film systems that are designed for retrofitting on all types of windows and glass panels. Such films add new functions to existing glass systems that were not envisaged prior to their construction. This might be due, for example, to a change in the building’s function, requirements, or design, or they may simply not have been considered in the original planning.
Sun-protection and special-function films can be employed to provide a wide variety of retrospective functions: sun protection, heat protection, glare protection, UV-protection, privacy protection, shatter protection, surface protection, and protection from vandalism; they can also be used to create a new appearance or to add other decorative touches.
Our films can be integrated into any existing architectural design and style – which makes OPALFILM sun-protection and special-function films the ideal retrofitting solution for all types of glasspanel constructions.