The company MACHOS GLASS was founded in 1969 and it is situated within its privately owned facilities in the centre of Athens.
It is a second generation company whose founder was Dimitrios Machos in the field of glazing.
The main activity is wholesale and processing of glass. Equally active in the construction and the search for solution and intervention relating to architectural and decorative applications of high standard.

The company MACHOS GLASS is a dynamic company with steady growth and distinctive role regarding glass and its applications.
In recent years, it has proceeded to demanding decorative interventions in buildings and residences, the installation of energy-efficient glass, standard interventions of glass facades and having extensive experience and expertise moves on to ballistic protection in buildings with bullet-proof glass.
Our company can advise and inform you on new products and applications and can help to create an energy–efficient house lossless providing you the necessary certificates of glazing you select.
Finally, the company has a warehouse in variety of designs and types and you can contact us for any clarifications or information.