Windows and doors are amongst the most frequently stressed components of a house. Wind and rain, strong temperature fluctuations, environmental influences and mechanical stresses constantly take their toll. Aluminium is proven to be more weather-resistant than plastic and it permits very slender and beautiful structures in any colour. Doors and windows must leave the light and the sun entering the building while at the same time keeping the structure isolated from the elements of nature, must be durable to ensure long-lasting functionality with minimal use of visible frames. Our product lines for doors and windows offer numerous solutions for the implementation of almost every residential or professional application, such as opening doors, single and double windows with retraction mechanisms, sliding systems, fixed frames, rotary windows, saloon doors, large sliding systems with lift in operation to facilitate rolling, systems for building main entrances and much more.
Our company offers a variety of systems that can meet every architectural or construction need of the client and can answer any challenge and any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact our partners