Extra Clear Glass

Extra-Clear-Glass-2Extra Clear Glass has very little tint to the body of the glass appearing almost completely transparent – the glass edge has a very slight crystal blue/green tint.Compared to traditional clear float glass, in fact, it guarantees an excellent neutrality in transmission and a superb colour rendering, which allows to appreciate the colours of the objects behind the glass without any alteration. The colours remain bright and perfectly natural.
Thanks to its extraordinary colour neutrality, this glass is the ideal product for showcases that contain paintings, valuable objects and works of art, as well as for interior design solutions, where it is successfully used for stairs, furniture, balustrades and partitions.
Extra clear glass is becoming more and more popular in glass furniture these days and is given as an alternative option on many of our products for sale through our website and showroom.
The structural performance of Standard and Extra Clear Glass is exactly the same the only difference is the colour/tint.