Fire Protection Glass

Fire  Protection glass is commonly split into two types, Integrity and Insulation. Integrity is the time the glass remains intact in a fire. Insulation means the length of time glass will prevent transmission of conductive and radiative heat on the non fire side. The protection levels are measured in defined time periods of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes.



Our range is widely used in fire-resistant doors, windows, partitions, stairwells, evacuation routes and roof glass.
To ensure the expected fire performance is achieved, should it be called upon, fire or heat-resistant glass must always be specified as part of a tested and approved glazing system and installed by specialists

Fire resistance class EW – Radiation Reduction

The measured heat radiation on the non-fire side remains under a specific value for a certain period of time.

Fire resistance class E – Integrity

The fire does not reach the non-fire side via flames passage or substantial amounts of hot gases.

Fire resistance class EI – Insulation

Thanks to major heat conduction and heat barrier qualities protecting preople in the vicinity of the device. The fire does not reach the non-fire side.


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