Office Glass Partitions

Our company has extensive experience in the construction of workspaces, office partitions, glass cabinets and reception areas as it deals with glass for about half a century. We can suggest solutions depending on the space and its peculiarities or implement your own designs.
In a space we are interested in brightness or opacity, insulation and sound insulation but also design.
The divider must match the style of the space without creating the feeling of additional construction. For this reason in our company we have flexible constructions that adapt to the need of each space. We also create custom partitions for offices, smoking rooms, lobbies or spaces. offices entirely with glass or with mimimal window. We believe that the space we work in should create comfort, calm and appetite for work. functional.
The glass as a material with unlimited possibilities has enhanced properties and can be easily combined with many materials and support bases. It can be processed, it can be colored or not, it can support membranes, it can have different shapes. Our knowledge and experience on materials allow us to present many different results by creating stylish offices, meeting rooms, reception and work areas.