Glass Windscreen System – Open Air Infared Heaters

The glass windsrceen system combine innovative technologies with special design lines. They are ideal for glass windbreaks,pool enclosure, perimeter fencing and otherview-oriented.
Combining innovative technologies with special design lines, the Open Air System is the ultimate answer to the demand for contemporary and stylish outdoor spaces such as restaurants, cafes, roof gardens, hotels etc.
A unique innovation, patented* and available exclusively from Aluminco, where the moving part of the system is raised or lowered with a single motion and effortlessly according to our wishes and weather conditions.
Beyond that, what makes Open Air System truly irresistible is its minimal design, contemporary beauty and superior quality. Simple and modern at the same time, it provides endless options to even the most challenging design or construction issues.


The removable or fixed modular screens are available in a range of sizes, colours and shapes. These screens provide protection from wind, dust, noise and vehicle emissions. They allow you to create an elegant space and ensure a clean environment for your patrons.
To complete the inviting outdoor spaces, also so they can be enjoyed in the winter, Our company offer an elegant line of “Heliosa Hi Design” heaters. These provide an immediate, very powerful, consistent heat source to targeted areas.
Using Heliosa Hi Design infrared heaters with OASIdehor modular screens makes it possible to use outdoor spaces all year round, creating impressive areas which outwardly project the image of your business to the world.  This will allow you to serve more customers and dramatically increase your revenues.