The applications of the aluminum railing are many and offer unique solutions in modern constructions, such as: Balcony railings, proving special resistance to various environmental conditions. Interior stair railings, giving a sense of high aesthetics to the interior of homes and business premises.
Exterior stair railings, suitable for modern homes and commercial buildings. Railings for stairways of public spaces, especially useful in big cities, but also in other types of spaces, such as swimming pools of hotels, houses, etc. for balconies and stairs.
The construction of an aluminum railing, has the property to combine with harmony but also imagination the glass with the aluminum in innumerable combinations, while at the same time to remain a simple solution, affordable luxury and very beautiful. Each type has its own character proposing innovative bindings that allow minimal interference of aluminum between two or more glass surfaces, compositions that sometimes highlight the parts of aluminum and sometimes glass, designs that fit any modern construction.
Reference points:
1. Minimalist Design Thanks to its exceptional simplicity and minimal character, it works really well as a visual element.
2. Reliable Safety All aluminum railings behave extremely well, providing maximum safety and protection.
3. Easy & Quick Installation Aluminum railings are designed to offer the benefits of a quick and easy installation at all stages of installation.