Here at Machos Glass, we can help you to create your perfect glass balustrade system. There are a whole host of stylish design ideas which can make your home or business look incredible, from the frameless glass style , through to minimalist style stainless steel balustrades with toughened glass panels, ideal for public spaces. Curved glass allows you to shape your balustrade to fit the exact area you need, whilst keeping to the beautiful design ideals of your glass balustrade.
Part of the appeal of the glass balustrade is that it allows you to have a safe and secure glass panel held up by stainless steel handrails which look stunning and opens up an area.  When building your glass balustrade, it is important to choose toughened glass panels which are safe for this style of design.  Our bespoke frameless glass balustrade systems are the perfect choice when you want to savour an unspoilt view!