Security Glass

Modern trends require the use of natural light in spaces and facades and therefore the glass when used in large dimensions must necessarily cover safety conditions. For this reason, different panes have been created depending on the type of security they provide.
Ο multilayer glass (triplex) offers safety depending on its thickness and the membranes it contains.
These are essentially membranes that are placed between two or more sheets of glass, increasing the properties of the glass in strength and pressure, preventing the fragments when they break.
Our company provides the following types of glass :
  • hardened glass (securit)
  • divalist – anti-vandal
  • protection (triplex)
  • fireproof
Machosglass has extensive experience in the installation of safety glasses and provides you with the necessary certificates in accordance with European standards. Especially when it comes to anti-vandal glass that the demands increase due to their ability to stop missiles or vandalism attacks we can advise you the right type of safety glass. Our company deals with every application that gives aesthetics and functionality to every modern building and meets every architectural and decorative requirement.
Our indicative applications:
  • parapet stairs,
  • swimming pools,
  • shelters,
  • perimeters
Their installation is very demanding and must be done by experienced glassmakers to ensure maximum results. They must be accompanied by certificates of authenticity and invoice for the factory specifications to be valid.